5 reasons why your business should be making the most of content creation

1. More people than ever are using social media, and on social media video is king Over half of the UK population are regulars on social media, that's a load of people! Now more than ever it's common place for content to be consumed on the go. To top that off, online videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020! 2. It highlights your product/service and gets it out to loads of people We've mentioned the huge audience, potential market and the growing video consumption. Social media allows you to target your market and reach out to them. By using creative content you don't just reach out, you pull them in! 3. It grows your business’ online presence Having an online presence is paramount nowadays. By having a natural reach, it really helps with your engagement levels and ultimately improves how your business is seen by your customers. 4. Content creates engagement with your customers and gets them talking! Social media is all about engagement, whether it's a like on Instagram, a retweet on Twitter or a share on Facebook. All engagement helps your business grow and reach out to new people. Although this could be done with standard statuses, it's less likely to happen. By posting engaging, quirky and funny posts, it will get people talking! 5. Most importantly… it’s fun! Having your business viewed by your customers as slick, caring and having a sense of humour goes a long way on social media... And we can help you! Please get in contact today with George or James to find out how our content creation packages can help you! Contact Us

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